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General Event Details

When is this happening?

August 8th, 2024!

Where is this event?

100% Online

How much does it cost?

This is a completely FREE event

What's the format?

5-7 sessions (any more and all our brains would melt) from 45 to 75 minutes each. Each session will also have breakout rooms for questions and conversations after the session is complete.

Will sessions be recorded?

YES! Sessions will all be recorded and available on YouTube after the event.

What level are the sessions?

The primary goal of this event is to deliver high value and highly technical content (we want your brain to melt, but you should be able to use some of this information after your brain re-forms). Below is the guide for session levels using DBCC PAGE as an example:

300 - How to use DBCC PAGE
400 - How DBCC PAGE works
500 - I wrote DBCC PAGE
8192 - struct page {

Where does EightKB stand on diversity and inclusion?

Core to EightKB's goals as an event is to build a diverse and inclusive event and speaker schedule at each event. We want our attendees and speakers to be able to bring their whole selves to the event and have a sense of belonging amongst the group. The EightKB organizers promise to the community to build a schedule representing what we want the community to look like, not just those who can submit sessions. Part of creating a sustainable & welcoming community is investing in the next generation of content creators and public speakers. We will continually encourage and mentor speakers from underrepresented groups so that they can share their expert-level stories with our community.

Speaker FAQs

How long are the sessions?

The session lengths available are 45, 60 and 75. As a speaker, it is your choice. We want to ensure you have enough time in the session as you need to go as deep dive as you like.

What’s the technology platform for presenting?

We currently use Zoom to to host the conference. Q&A is done directly in Zoom while chat is handled via the #EightKB channel in the SQL Community Slack. We will do a tech check before the event, the event team will reach out to you to schedule that.

How can I help raise awareness about EightKB?

Please reach out to your communities! Your blogs, Twitter, Slack, at your workplace, wherever you think people that want this type of content hangout. We really want to drive up attendance to provide maximum impact for this deep dive content. Please Tweet about the event using the hashtag #EightKB. Once sessions are selected please consider blogging and tweeting about your session, this will really drive up awareness for the event and increase the number of attendees.

How can I interact with the attendees?

During the session, we ask that you field questions as you normally would during an online session. It is up to you as a speaker if you want to field questions throughout or start time at the end of your session.

Will there be session moderators?

Yes, we will have session moderators to assist with your sessions.

Will there be sponsors?

As of now, no sponsors. We want to keep things simple and content focused.

Will sessions be recorded?

YES! Not only will they be posted to YouTube, but they will be made available to speakers for download to do with as you please!