SQL Server Internals Conference
JUNE 17, 2020 - 09:00 EDT

A FREE virtual conference focusing on Microsoft SQL Server internals

Today's conference landscape is dominated by sessions about the latest new technologies and trends. That type of content doesn't always suit everyone though.

What about the Junior DBA that's just trying to improve their knowledge about the database engine?

What about the database developer that's looking to break into database administration?

If you are interested in expanding your SQL Server knowledge and learning more about the nuts and bolts that make SQL Server work, eightkb is for you!

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Who is eightkb?

eightkb currently consists of:

  • Andrew Pruski (T|B)
  • Mark Wilkinson (T|B)
  • Anthony Nocentino (T|B).

This event was created to fill a void in the SQL Server conference line-up. While there are many important topics to discuss and things to learn in the SQL Server world, we want this conference to focus on the core components of SQL Server, the things that make SQL Server work.